Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TV Tuesday (#1): Thoughts on Almost Human

Confession: I have no idea what to do about watching this show.

Confession: The main reason I started watching the show was because it was created and produced by the people that created Fringe, which I loved. The premise was only second to that fact.

Now, onto why I'm conflicted about the show now.

On the one hand, I do enjoy most of their plots. Sure, I get confused easily, but at the same time, I'm always trying to figure out what's going on, just like the characters. I like how it's set in the future and there's new, better technology, yet it's also reasonable. It's not that far-fetched.

I like the premise and idea of having MXes in the police force and that they have flaws too.

I do like Dorian, and I can definitely see Kennex changing A LOT along the way. Their interaction is hilarious, but it also highlights their personalities and experiences. I do wish they would have shown how Kennex's absence changed those around him, but I guess there weren't that many people. The character arc with his, I believe it was, girlfriend is quite interesting, and I'd like to see where that goes, but I'm not invested in it.

And I guess that's one of my main issues. I know it hasn't even been a full season yet, but with the amount of shows that I watch, I don't know if it's worth it to keep holding out on the hope that I'll be more into it later on. While I love Dorian, and Kennex is okay, the other characters fall a bit flat. The captain is mehh, and I'm glad to see a woman in charge, but is it necessary to question her ability simply because she's not in a long term, stable relationship? Why did that need to be brought up?

Then there's poor Valerie. I was really hoping she'd be similar to the females in Fringe, given the producers' background with Fringe. I don't necessarily mean personality-wise or anything like that, but in terms of being her own person and of being defined by something other than a male. It's okay for her to want to be in a relationship, and it's okay for her to rely on her superiors, often men of a higher position, if she doesn't have the clearance. But in Almost Human, Valerie seems to just want to do what others, especially Kennex, tell her to do. She only shows up when they need her. She doesn't seem to take much initiative, and if she does, it's to please males, particularly Kennex. And on top of that, there's the whole thing with what I believe will eventually be a Kennex/Valerie romance/relationship. Sure, that's what happened in Fringe with Olivia and Peter, but the thing is, Olivia wasn't defined by that relationship. I can foreshadow Valerie being defined in that light. And it ANGERS ME, as a female, as an independent thinker, as a feminist. We are told she's a competent, well-trained detective. She seemed like that in the first scene that we met her. But have they portrayed such a woman? No.

It makes me so angry because of how glaringly obvious it is. Yes, I want to watch the show in the hopes that it gets better, but I can't deal with how the show treats its women. Valerie Stahl is just as competent as the other detectives, and she shouldn't be treated as if she's nothing but a love interest or someone that only does things to please men. I would like to see the character development of Valerie, Kennex, and Dorian, but I don't know if I can put up with the show any longer.

I'm not invested, I don't care much about any of the characters except for Dorian, the feminist in me is super angry any time I watch the show. Yet I want to hold out on the hope that it'll start to treat the women like they were treated and portrayed in Fringe. I want to hold out on the hope that they'll come up with a way to get me invested in the show, wanting the next episode. But I just don't know if it's worth it. I know I shouldn't compare the show to Fringe, but it's hard not to, and most of these complaints remain the same, even when not compared to Fringe.

What do you think? Should I give it a try until the end of the season and then decide? Should I just focus on the other shows I already watch and AM invested in? 

What do you think about the role of women in television? Am I being too hard on the producers and the show?

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