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The Basics
Name: Jessica
Age: 18 (Birthday: April 6th)

I also blog at: Infinite Golden FloorsLit Up Review | Feminists Talk Books |

More About Me
I am a dancer, a writer, a songwriter, a violinist, a reader, a procrastinator, a fangirl, a nerdfighter. I am someone that watches too many TV shows. I am someone that wishes there was more time to allow her to read. I am someone that has more books on her TBR list than can be remembered or listed. I am forever and always a Potterhead. I am a fan of so much more, but I am also too lazy to type them all. I am someone that prefers books as birthday presents, though I don't mind other things. I am a fan of physical books, of the smell and the feel of them, though perhaps e-books aren't so bad. I'm someone that hopes to one day inspire others, either in the biggest or smallest of ways.

I'm also a bit shy and have some social anxiety, but please feel free to chat with me, either in the comments, on Twitter, through email, or any other means of communication I have on here. :)

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