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I always indicate if there are spoilers in the post though I try to keep it to a minimum.

See what features/memes I have on this blog as well!

How I Rate:
I have no set meaning for a 5 vs 4 vs 3 vs 2 vs 1 other than the fact that obviously, a 5 means I really loved the book and a 1 means I didn't. Otherwise, there are different reasons for why I did/did not like a book, ranging from personal preferences to the mood I was in when I read/saw/listened to it. That being said, it's my reviews that explain why I gave something the rating that I did, as opposed to a set reason. Sometimes, the book itself wasn't necessarily great, but I personally really loved it, thus giving it a 5 or 4.5 or 4, not because it was almost perfect. I hope this makes sense. That being said, I do use half ratings. :)

All reviews are tagged with "reviews"

Please keep in mind that I'm in my junior year and have other activities outside of school and the internet, so the number of books I read throughout the year is much lower than the number of books most bloggers out there are able to read.
I try to review relatively new books (though I can't give you a time frame of when I'll get to it), as well as soon-to-be-released books if I receive/win ARCs. I also review older books that I'm only just reading or books I'm reading for school.

Most books will be YA, but I'm open to anything.

Reviews tend to consist of thoughts on the plot, my personal interest (was it held or not), whether it was thought-provoking or not, thoughts on the style, pace, and general thoughts. These will only be labeled as "books" unless they're part of a series or by a really prominent author.

Note: This blog will be a mainly book oriented blog!

TV Shows
This category is the one that varies the most. I might review an entire show (both ones on air and those that are completed but still worth watching), a season, or an episode. During the school year I tend to fall behind on the TV shows I watch, but I try my best to catch up in a reasonable window of time. I may have episode bundles where I do a bunch of shorter reviews on a couple of episodes.

I'm always starting new shows even though I shouldn't, so while I may expand on what I review, I probably won't get to many new shows soon (sorry!). If you really want me to review or watch a show, please don't get upset if I can't get to it soon, if at all, but feel free to suggest it!

Reviews tend to consist of my thoughts on the plot, characters, and acting, as well as general impressions. These are labeled by the title of the show, as well as "tv shows."

These will probably be the least frequent unless I happen to watch a lot of movies, which is possible if there are many that I'm interested in seeing. I may also review movies that are new on DVD, as well as those that I'm only just getting a chance to watch. But really, it depends on what's in theaters and what interests me (as well as how many I can afford to watch).

Reviews tend to consist of my thoughts on the plot, acting, characters, pace, accuracy (if it's an adaptation of a book I've read), and overall musings (like if it was thought-provoking, just for fun, etc). These are labeled as "movies" unless there are subsequent movies or the movie is part of a movie series.

These are the easiest for me to review, but they also tend to be the shortest reviews. When suggesting an album, artist, or single, keep in mind that if I don't like the artist or general genre, I probably won't ever give it a good review (aka don't ask me to review a rap album or song; I'll most likely give it a bad rating). I'm open to most suggestions though, and I'm always looking for new people to follow. I'm more likely to review songs and albums by artists I already like and follow, but that's not always the case. It's harder for me to review international artists or songs/albums that are released in the US later, if at all, as well as indie groups/artists that are harder to find (though I love them and encourage you to suggest them!). I'm also all for songs in other languages, but those will be the most vague reviews.
This also includes musicals, scores, soundtracks, EPs, YouTubers, and singles.

These are labeled by the artist/group (unless they're not together anymore, do not release new music/do not plan to, are a group/artist I probably won't review again), as well as "music."

Most consists of musicals, plays, ballets, or anything else that I'm missing. They'll be tagged according to what they are (aka musicals are tagged as "musicals").
Anything other than reviews will either be tagged as "other" and/or according to what it is (aka about me, updates, etc).

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