Monday, January 6, 2014


HEY GUYS! Okay, so the reason this post is only being posted now is that I was so sure my blogiversary was on the 7th, but thankfully I double checked because it's not. It's today! YAY! *throws confetti*

It honestly does not feel like it's already been half a year since I began, and it feels like it was only yesterday that I started blogging. I never thought I'd actually keep this up, given my track record with previous attempts at some form of blogging.

That being said, I guess I'll recap some of the highlights of my time as a blogger thus far, ending with a massive thank you list.

BLOGGING HIGHLIGHTS (not in any particular order)

1) Creating my original blog in July. I believe I was at a summer program away from home at the time. I honestly can't say exactly what compelled me to start other than having a sudden urge to read books and talk about them like I used to. (I also just read my original introduction post. What was I thinking?)

2) Gaining some lovely followers. I'm pretty sure my first follower was my awesome friend, Taylor. And it just felt nice to know that someone was out there, looking at my tiny blog. And as time went on, gathering a slightly larger following just felt awesome. Sure, there are times where I'm still like, why doesn't anyone bother? But you know what, I'm enjoying this experience, and that's what matters. 

3) Becoming friends with some really fabulous people (including authors! (Although maybe friends is a bit of a stretch in that case.)). I say this ALL the time, but I'm just so lucky to have made so many awesome friends, many of whom I will mention down below (I KNOW I'll miss someone, but please know that if I do, it's not intentional. You really all mean a lot to me, no matter how often we talk.)

4) Getting approved for my first book. This was the most awesome feeling, and knowing that I'm still such a new blogger, I still get excited every time (okay, I'm sure more experienced bloggers also get excited, but anyway). (I think the first book may have been Perfect Ruin, but I don't remember exactly.)

5) Receiving a book that I'm pretty sure I didn't request. When I received Fire & Flood from Scholastic, I just about screamed because as far as I know, I never requested it. AHHHH!

6) What's In the Snow? Scavenger Hunt event! Co-hosting this with Cal has been one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Seriously. Not only have I met even more awesome followers, but I've also gotten the chance to communicate with authors. And it's certainly been really interesting to have so much to deal with. I now know how hard it is to organize such an event! Both Cal and I hope to make it an annual celebration/event.

7) Switching to this blog. I'm so much happier to be starting with a semi-clean slate. I'm much happier with the name and just the whole way I'm handling it. It's really given me an extra boost and kick of motivation. YAY! It's only been a few days (and I still have some things to work on to make it even better here), but as I've said, I'm already so much happier.

8) Etc, etc. Because I would literally list every awesome thing that's happened since I started blogging.

(I was going to write a short thing for each, but I really want to get this post up, so sorry!)

Taylor, my buddy from BT ;)


Thank you all! You've all made this experience an amazing one, and I can't believe I've made so many amazing new friends. You're all special to me, even if for different reasons. The one thing I do know is that we're all book lovers, and that makes you awesome on its own. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone's that's supported me and made this possible!

And one last thing! I will get a giveaway going sometime after the What's In the Snow? event. It's just a lot to handle already on its own (the event), so I'm going to wait until it's over. In the meantime, check out some of the prizes and giveaways going on for that!

Here's to another 6 months! *throws confetti* *parties* *drowns in homework and cold temperatures*

P.S. I'd love it if you would subscribe to my blog in any way. Don't feel obligated, but it'd make me smile. Thanks for stopping by either way! <3


  1. You're amazing! Congrats for the 6 months :D For the sake that I don't remember my blogoversary, I'm going to say that I "started" July 16th, cos it's my Dad's birthday. And it was around there somewhere too! You've gone so far and I'm just so proud of you! I loved the What's In the Snow thing and I'm so glad you hosted that, it was BUCKETS of fun!!! :DDD

    Stay cool and awesome because I can't wait for your 1 Year <333

    1. Thanks, Nova! :D

      Oh right! You had that whole confusing thing going on, right? *marks down date in calendar*

      Awww, thanks, lovely! :DDD

      You stay cool too! <333

  2. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!! *throws glitter confetti in air* Thank you for mentioning me! I'm glad I've gotten to talk to you too! <3 :)

    1. THANKS!!! *pops open sparkling apple cider (underage FTW)*

      Of course! :)

  3. Ahh yay thank you so much, Jess! <3 You are amazing and I'm so glad we're friends!! I can't wait to meet you soon, and CONGRATS on the blogoversary, girlie! I would write a huge long paragraph for you (and I will when it comes time for my blogoversary) but I've got a huge english essay to write;) So proud of you, Jess! <3<3<3

    1. Awww, not a problem! <3

      You are amazing too. And I was planning on writing a little something for everyone, but then, yeah, homework. *sigh* And I kinda did this last minute too so ;) (Good luck with that essay!)

      Thank you! <333

  4. Wow...congratulations Jess! <3 I'm so glad I found your blog - it's so awesome and your reviews are always so detailed! Looking forward to reading lots more of your reviews in 2014!

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Thank you so much! <3

      This has seriously made my day, especially considering I wasn't aware of your blog. (I worded that horribly, but I mean it in the best way, trust me!) Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read some of my reviews (there will be a bunch more in the coming weeks).

      Happy 2014! *skips off to check out your blog*

  5. Ah! happy belated blogoversary! 6 months is such a pivotal point :-) Congratulations! I have been at it for a year and it is just so much fun. You are doing great and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  6. I'm sorry for not seeing this post earlier, but I would like to first of all, congratulate you on your blogoversary (how exciting that you reached a new mile mark in your blogging career!) but secondly, on including me in your post. It has been a privilege to meet you, especially in person, when you made my first bookish event fun and less nerve wrecking. Here's to many more blogoversaries!

    1. No worries! I know school's been a pain. <3

      Aww, thanks! It was truly amazing to be able to meet a fellow blogger, and you made the event so much better. :)

      Thank you! *hugs*

  7. Congrats on your blogoversary!! Woot! I'm only a new follower, but I love your blog. :) You're a lot of fun!

    1. Thank you so much! Awww, you're lovely! :D I've admired you and Mime at Notebook Sisters ever since I started blogging. Your blog was one of the first I started following. <3


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