Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: Thor: The Dark World Movie

Hmm...what can I say about Thor: The Dark World? Well, I have a lot to say, but I'm not sure how to best do so.

I suppose we can start with the acting and characters. Firstly, I was disappointed that Jane Foster, a completely competent woman, gave up all her work once Thor left. Fine, I sort of get it, but move on with your life! Maybe I say this because I've never been heartbroken, but she's an amazing scientist. Why give up on everything just because Thor's gone? She knew he'd leave. What if he never came back? Would she have lived the rest of her life that way? What a shame. 

Besides Jane, I continue to be a huge fan of Darcy, although come on, we knew what would happen with Ian in the mix. But Darcy continues to be hilarious and Kat Dennings does a fantastic job. I don't have much to say about Ian, but he's okay as a character. Erik was...interesting, to say the least. Jaimie Alexander continued to be great in her role as Sif, though I was annoyed that while she seemed independent, she was portrayed to be someone that's just jealous of Jane because she (Sif) likes Thor. Like come on!

Tom Hiddleston and Christ Hemsworth continue to portray their characters well. I continue to enjoy the mischievous,  manipulative Loki, and I think Hiddleston portrays that well. Also, that little scene where [retracted for spoilers] shows up was awesome and hilarious! And Chris continues to portray a really interesting character. I can't say he's (Thor) changed a lot, but I think Chris does a good job of showing the emotions and actions of Thor.

Lastly, Christopher Eccleston!!! If you know anything about me, you know I am a Doctor Who fan and that I love Nine. Don't ask me about which Doctor I like most because you'll get a super long explanation. Moving on, Eccleston does a fabulous job as Malekith. Definitely creepy. Definitely villain-y. My personal favorite parts are the times when you can hear Eccleston's voice. They just reminded me of Doctor Who. *cries*

Speaking of being reminded of something else, for at least half of the movie, all I was thinking about was the similarities and parallels between Thor: The Dark World and Star Wars. Okay, part of it may be that Natalie Portman was in both (by Star Wars, I mostly mean Episodes 1-3). I really would elaborate on this further but again, I don't want to spoil anything. Let's just say, that it kind of took away from my overall enjoyment of the movie. Sure, it was a great movie, but really. I love Star Wars, but I'd rather not think about it as I watch Thor. Maybe it's inevitable. Maybe it's just me.

Additionally, there's the whole predictability factor. Maybe I've just watched too many of these types of movies. Maybe it's supposed to be a little predictable. Maybe that's inevitable. I don't know, but there were so many times where I knew what would happen. Sure, there were a few surprises, but it could've been better.

Overall, this was an enjoyable movie with really great acting. (Also, did you know I met Zachary Levi the day I watched the movie? Heck yes.)

[Sorry, I was just listening to some really great music, and everything else I was about to write just escaped me and jumped out the window, so uh...I guess this is it. *sigh*]


  1. Aw, I'm sorry it disappointed you! But I do know how you feel. Sometimes I reckon the Marvel movies DO ride on their "I'm-a-super-awesome-franchise-so-whatever-happens-I'll-be-awesome," and it feels like they don't work hard to be NOT predictable. That saying, I ALWAYS love my Marvel movies. XD I haven't seen this one yet, but I can't wait till it's out on DVD. Or maybe it is? I should look it up....

    1. Yeah, a little bit. I think it was also very situational and the fact that I wasn't in the best mood when I was watching it. I do think there were some strong aspects, but gyah. Circumstance was most of it, sadly. I've gotten into Marvel movies lately, so I hope I'll enjoy the others more. :)

      I don't think it is...It's either still in theaters or was just pulled out from theaters...

  2. I so agree about the acting-it was spot on. Jane did seem a bit needy but I never liked her much anyway xD I kind of only watch for Tom Hiddleston, aha. I so love Marvel though :D I kind of thought Sif took to Jane fairly well, after all she did protect her somewhat. Could have worse, but yeah, seemed like a bit of a character deviation.

    1. I didn't mind Jane in Thor, but gahh in this movie! Hehe. I don't understand the mega Tumblr obsession with Tom, but I love him. ;) Marvel is great, and I've really enjoyed their recent movies (I say recent b/c I've only gotten into them recently).

      Yeah. I think that it's kind of hard to tell since Sif was hardly in it, but I also think it was partially her struggle with duty vs. her heart (or something like that).


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