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TV Tuesday (#3): Thoughts and Hopes for Orphan Black Season 2

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Before I get started, I want to link you to four things: 
Season 2 trailer, which part of this is based on

Having recently rewatched Season 1, having recently watched the Season 2 trailer and teaser clips, and having recently gotten Willa @ Willa's Ramblings and Lit Up Review (go check us out! ;)) into Orphan Black, I've been thinking a lot about Season 2 and about my hopes and thoughts/theories for the coming season. So here's a brief(ish) break down of the main parts! (PS. This includes some S1 spoilers!)

New clones--YES NEW CLONES. Apparently we're getting two new clones, which I'm SO excited for! I wonder what their personalities will be like, where they are in life, and how they'll fit into the story. But then the next question is: will some of our beloved clones leave the show? At the moment, I think Cosima has the biggest potential to die, but with such a large fanbase + the whole Delphine storyline, who knows? Helena also has the potential, but I'm not sure! (See below for more) I just can't imagine Tatiana taking on anymore clones. I guess if anyone could do it, it's Tatiana. There's the bald Tatiana in the trailer that could be any of the existing clones or a new clone. (PS. I'm writing this as of 3/12, so there's a large chance we'll learn more before this is posted.)

Rachel aka Pro-Clone--I'm really interested in learning more about the pro-clone. I doubt she's going to die, but I wonder what she's got up her sleeve. I don't really know what else to say about her...

Paul--Paul is such a big give-take character. He could swing either way. In Season 1, he became loyal to Sarah and the Clone Club, yet it seems as if in Season 2, he's siding with the pro-clone (based on the trailer). Maybe he'll go with the side he thinks is winning? I'm HOPING he'll stay loyal to the Clone Club and Sarah. My theory is that he'll stay loyal, but maybe that's just me wishing that was the case. Also, I think stuff about his military past/what happened in Afghanistan will come up this season.

Kira--AHHHH KIRA. Well, I'm going to say she'll definitely be saved/rescued at some point, which is hopefully sooner rather than later. I think they'll learn...interesting things about Kira, such as see what happens when clones create new life *ahem*. Something about how she was able to survive the car crash. Skylar's acting thus far has been spectacular, and I have no doubt she'll continue to shine in the coming season.

Mrs. S--She's definitely somehow involved in this whole thing, but I hope think she's on their side (Sarah/Felix/Clone Club). She seems to really care for Sarah and Felix and Kira (but then again, I guess Paul and Donnie also seemed to really care for Beth and Alison, respectively). I don't think she'd do anything to hurt them. I hope I'm not wrong.

I recently saw a piece of fan!art with Mrs. S as a monitor and that got me thinking. Of course, it's a possibility, but hope there's more to Mrs. S and her involvement. I hope she's not Sarah's monitor, as highly probable as that is.

Police Investigation--I kind of hope Art finds out the whole truth, so that they can work with the police again, but based off of the trailer and teasers, I guess that's not going to happen, at least in the beginning. I'd like for them to work together, as improbable as that is. I just feel like they should focus more on the clones and that fight than on the police investigation aspect of it. I love the characters, but I'm hoping it'll be resolved.

Donnie--Donnie's such an amazing actor (I mean the character himself). I really hope Alison finds out he really is her monitor (though she'd just die of guilt over Aynsley), but I want to see Alison angry again. Is that bad of me to think? Anyway. I hope he'll play a bigger role, but it seems as if unlike Paul, he knows more about what's going on, and he's more willing to leave Alison and side with Leekie and the pro-clone than Paul.

Dr. Leekie--Speaking of Leekie, I'm hoping he'll die this season! I can see that happening, but that would depend on the direction the show goes in. If he's a big part, they'll keep him in, but I'm kinda hoping he'll die. Also, I assume we'll learn more about him, and I hope we learn a bit more about his background

Cosima--I sure hope she doesn't die, but I think she's a give-take character right now, meaning they could go either way with her character. I really just want to see her relationship with Delphine develop and grow. Orphan Black's done such a great job with queer representation and about just allowing it to flow into the story line without making it a big deal. I feel like in general, Cosima's story has always been kind of put on the back burner, with Sarah demanding the most attention and time, so I'm hoping that there will be more focus on Cosima, not just for the audience but also from the clones themselves, and I think that it'll happen, especially with the focus on her illness. She'll definitely be more involved in that aspect, and I'm hoping Delphine won't betray her, especially as she gets sicker and sicker. With the new clone and all, I'm really scared about Cosima's future, but I sure hope she beat the odds or else I'll probably cry.

Felix--Firstly, I think Felix and Alison's relationship will become stronger than it is now. It's funny because they were so different and so annoyed at one another in the beginning. I hope he's the one that will primarily help her deal with her guilt over Aynsley. I also think that with Sarah on the run, they'll be separated again. As in Season 1, they obviously remain close, regardless of where she is, and I think that especially now that he's in on what's going on, he'll understand, but I wonder if it'll place a strain on their relationship. I hope not! I love their banter and obvious love for one another. I hope Felix remains sassy, but I'd like to see him get some more action too (not that kind of action; are you like 12?).

Alison--Oh the guilt she'll suffer. That's for sure. Especially if she finds out Aynsley wasn't involved. I don't think Alison will get arrested for it, but I wonder what will happen when she gets kidnapped. What about her kids? Is she now willing to give up her old, Suburban life? (Not sure she's gonna get kidnapped so...)

Sarah--Of course there's also Sarah. That guy she's with in the trailer? I sure hope that's not Kira's dad, but I can see that potential...I also hope Sarah doesn't get into too much trouble. She has to find Kira, move around Art, deal with Rachel, deal with Leekie, deal with Vic, and so much more! That girl's going to go crazy! But Sarah remains my favorite clone, and the show wouldn't be the same without her. I know that part of it is to keep up with the intensity of the show, but one of these days, I'd like to see a more relaxing episode.

Vic--GAHHH VIC WHYYY. This sort of ties back to the police investigation. I certainly hope it gets resolved soon, and I hope it doesn't end up with all of them being in jail or something. There's so many variables that I don't even have a theory on how they'll go about this situation. But anyway, Vic. I sure hope he's officially gone. Fingers crossed!

Guest Stars--Admittedly, I don't know much about the guest stars, but I do know that Patrick J. Adams will be guest starring, though nobody's announced his role or anything yet. I guess that makes sense, especially if it'll give something away, but. Adams is a fantastic actor (he's the lead in Suits), and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table in the second season.

What's the one thing I can almost guarantee S2 will include? Suspense, drama, intensity, sass, wit, intelligence, fantastic writing, and a fantastic cast and crew. I really can't wait for this coming season. I've been waiting for far too long! Consider yourself lucky, Willa! You haven't had to wait this long for the next season! Anyway, I look forward to Season 2! Be sure to tune in to BBC America THIS SATURDAY for ALL NEW EPISODES! Long live #CloneClub. ;)

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