Monday, April 21, 2014

Music Monday (#8): Cities + It's Just Love by Nat and Alex Wolff

Every other Monday, I'll share a song/artist/album that I'm either currently listening to or currently obsessed with, though they often go hand-in-hand. Some may have special themes or surprises. This means that I might share a playlist, fan!mix, Top Ten list, etc.

I've been so busy that I've forgotten about my Music Monday posts, so here's one (finally)!

I went to their concert on Saturday, and I just love them so much. So of course I'm extremely excited about their two new singles, and I'm really hoping we'll get news on Album #2 soon because it's been too long!

Anyway, these two songs are just amazing, especially Cities, which I just love with my whole heart.

Now, there are two different versions: the official, recorded version and the live version. I love both in different ways. The recorded version is much simpler, but I also love the live version. Since it hasn't been released yet, I don't have a Youtube video of the recorded versions, but you can listen to them here! I highly recommend listening to this version!

The live versions from the concert I went to are below. These aren't my videos, as mine aren't as great quality.

What do you think? Which version do you prefer?

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