Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TV Tuesday (#2): Farewell, Psych

Once a month on a Tuesday, I'll showcase a TV in some way, whether it be an episode review (or bundle), a discussion, some thoughts and reactions, Top Tens, a fan!mix, or a recommendation.

So this past Wednesday, Psych aired its last episode. As the above picture puts bluntly, after 8 seasons, 119 episodes, a musical episode, an amazing cast and crew, and countless memorable guest stars, Psych is officially over. Does this make me sad? Absolutely. But am I also a little happy about it? Definitely.

Firstly, I have to admit that I'm still fairly behind on the episodes. I think I'm still about half a season behind since I'm somewhere in the middle of S7. I've been watching the show for quite some time now, though I can't tell you exactly when I started watching. I just remember how I used to watch Monk and then Psych with my mom once in a while. And I just fell in love with it one day. Simple as that. And I'm not nearly ready to say goodbye to this show yet.

The thing is, Psych is different from almost every show out there. It's a funny crime show that delves deep into long-term friendships, honesty, morals, values, family, and just about everything in between. This show is filled with hilarious moments, with many more off-screen, as well as through the Psych-Outs. The cast, crew, and audience have formed a special kind of bond because the cast and crew have made the show about the audience. The fans are what drive the show, and they acknowledge us. There have been online games such as the Social Sector, a musical episode, members of the cast directing and writing episodes, a slumber party, a farewell party, plenty of fun times finding the hidden pineapple, creating taglines, and making multiple fan jokes (three-hole punch, anyone?!). There are so many memories I can associate with Psych, and I'm truly sad to see the show go. I've been cheering for Shawn and Juliet for what seems like forever. I've been laughing along-side Shawn and Gus for so long that it seems like I've always been watching this show. And I just love to talk about the show and its awesomeness.

So why am I also a bit happy about the show being over? Because I think it's starting to decline already, and I would rather it end on top (like Fringe) than at the bottom. One of the reasons why I'm still stuck in the middle of S7 is that Shawn was just starting to get to me. I felt as if his maturity level had gone wayyyy down to the point where he was actually more mature at the very beginning of the show. And that's saying a lot, especially given how much character growth there has been in the past few seasons. I sure hope that it got better in S8, but it was starting to be obvious that the episodes were less geared towards strong plots and story arcs and were instead focused on what the fans wanted and stuff like that. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there's only so much of that that can go on before it fails. So I'm a little happy that it's ending now. Maybe the show would be able to move forward again if it were given the chance, but it's such a big gamble, and I'm just glad they had S8 to wrap everything up, just as Fringe got S5. 

So this is a farewell post to one of my favorite shows for the past who-knows-how-many years. 

Thank you for the memories.
Thank you for the laughs.
Thank you for the tears.
Thank you for the lessons about friendship.
Thank you for one of my OTPs.
Thank you to the cast and crew for everything you've done for us fans.
Thank you to the creators for creating such a unique show.
Thank you to USA Network for letting this happen.
Thank you to the writers for the awesome episodes, jokes, and everything in between.
Thank you to the guest stars for making an awesome show and cast even more awesome.
Thank you to my fellow Psych-Os for being weird and funny right along with me.
Thank you to the characters.
Thank you for the taglines.
Thank you for the musical, the online games, the sleepover, and everything else you've done for the fans.
Thank you for giving me a new appreciation for pineapples.
Thank you for everything.

This is my farewell, Psych, but I promise that we will never forget this lovely little show. The show may be over, but the characters, the stories, the jokes, and everything in between will remain with us.

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