Friday, May 16, 2014

Fiction Friction (#8): Commenting/Commenting Back

These posts are meant to bring about some conversation, discussion, and perhaps even a debate. These discussion posts can occur at varying days of the week, mostly depending upon what's scheduled on the blog and what I feel like discussing.

Comments. We all like receiving them, I think. We like to know that people are actually taking the time to read what we write. As bloggers and book lovers, we want to be able to discuss our thoughts on books, and we like talking to other book lovers as well. I hope I'm not too far off in assuming that that's true for most of us.

But commenting and commenting back can be really time consuming. I always try to comment back, and I think that for the most part, I've been doing pretty well on that point. But I don't comment often on other peoples' blogs/posts.

A few months ago, I decided that I was going to commit to commenting on blogs more often and more frequently. One problem I encountered, however, was that most posts were reviews. While I love reading reviews, I generally only like to read them after I've read the book. Most of the books bloggers are reviewing are ones that I desperately want to read but haven't been able to yet. So I don't like reading those reviews unless I'm really curious about the book or just really want, on a whim, to read the review. When I do read or skim through reviews, I try to leave at least a short comment, but as I've been finding it harder and harder to write posts for my own blog while keeping up with everything else, I've fallen wayyy behind on commenting.

Which brings me to my discussion question: Do you comment on reviews? Do you try to comment back? How often do you comment on blogs (I know at least one or two people that almost consistently comment on here, and it makes me really happy)? How much time do you take to comment on posts? Do you have a way to push yourself to comment once in a while?


  1. Commenting is super time consuming! I always try to take five minutes or more in my day to do some runs and comment on blogs! I love getting comments because they allow interaction with other people and I love giving comments because they allow interaction as well which is one of the biggest things that make the community so awesome!

    As for commenting back, it's something that I always try to do because I know I like replies even though I won't be upset if I don't get one. But honestly, if I have nothing to say, I'll just leave it. Because some comments really offer no room for discussion. So if the only thing I can say is I agree, then I'll just skip it.

    1. Agreed; I love receiving comments, so I'm sure others do too. I'm definitely working on getting back into commenting more often. :)

      I'm the same way. I don't always track the posts I comment on, so I don't know if people comment back, but I think it's a great way to continue a conversation and actually hold a discussion.

      Hm...that's true! I always try to comment back, but there are times when there's just nothing to add. Thanks!

  2. I agree that commenting can be really time consuming. I really like to comment back on people's blogs, but I get so behind sometimes! I try my best to get some commenting in during the weekends, though (which doesn't always work out).

    When it comes to commenting on reviews . . . it depends on the book. I like to read reviews for books that I'm looking to buy or bump up on my tbr, but sometimes I avoid them at all costs. If it's a book I'm reading soon, I tend to stay away from reviews. I think I comment on reviews I have actually read the least.

    Great post, Jessica! This is a really good topic to discuss.

    1. Yeah! And sometimes I can barely even post on my blog, let alone comment on someone else's. It makes me feel bad, but :(

      Hmm, yeah. I know what you mean. I will often look at ratings before reading a book, and in terms of when I buy a book, it depends. I like to have read a book before I buy it, but yeah.



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