Sunday, February 9, 2014

Summary Saturday/Sunday: 2/8/14

This was meant to go up yesterday, but I completely forgot and was busy for the entire night. Sorry!

Sunday (2/2/14):

Monday (2/3/14):

Tuesday (2/4/14):

Wednesday (2/5/14):

Thursday (2/6/14):

Friday (2/7/14):

Saturday (2/8/14):

Hope you had a great week!


  1. Great week, Jess! I love how you consistently post things that aren't book reviews. As a reader, I have a suggestion that I think I might've made earlier. How about posting once a day. It can get a little hard to read more than one post a day and having three doesn't get them as much love as they should have.

    But great blog, love visiting it <3

    1. Thanks, Nova! <3 Yeah, I've been trying to review more, but since it's hard, I'd like to have bookish posts that are relevant (such as discussion posts, etc). It'll get less consistent once all my old reviews are out, but I'm working on it. :)

      Yeah, I've been trying to keep an eye out on that while scheduling posts, but I always seem to have ones I don't catch. (Ex. Fire and Flood review) Some of them I've been thinking about because they're memes and stuff. I might turn TAIT to a general discussion type of feature so that I can be more flexible with scheduling (or maybe I'll have two potential days).

      As always, thanks for the tips and comments! *hugs*


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