Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Event Recap: Ransom Riggs at Barnes and Noble 1/25/14

Woot! Another event! Okay, so I was beyond excited for this event even though I haven't gotten around to reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children yet. Anyway, I did record the event and everything, but I don't have much time, so I'm sadly not going to recap it right now. What kind of a recap is this, then? Good question. I'm really sorry. I'd love to recap, but a) a lot of the questions were in relation to Miss Peregrine and the 3rd book and b) a lot of the questions were questions that I had seen in his FAQ. Of course we also briefly talked about the awesomeness that is his wife, Taherah Mafi, and half of us fangirled about her too. I was too shy to ask a question, but it was really fun, and Ransom is really funny (and tall). ;)

Anyway, here are some pictures! (By the way, we were facing a window, and it was snowing and bright, so.)

Yup, that's me with Ransom Riggs!

We got these awesome posters!

My signed books!

(I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of him signing my books, but while he was signing Miss Peregrine's, the Sharpie wasn't working well, so it was kinda funny, but that also explains why he didn't really sign his last name fully, as you can tell by the comparison.)

Well, there you have it! :D It was really awesome. hehe

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