Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Month in Review: March 2015

Hey, lovelies! Somehow, another month has passed us by. March felt simultaneous long and short, with school, college admissions decisions, college visits, dance competition, etc. The spring will be even busier for me, but I can't wait for one hopefully completely free summer vacation this year.

Blog-related news: I created an Instagram for my blog to keep it separate from my personal account. Please check out my feed and follow if you like what you see! I want to get more involved on Instagram and maybe learn a thing or two about photography/book photography. ;)

Books I Read:


Other Posts:

1) Lots of college admissions updates, some happy, some not.
2) First dance competition of the year! It was a mix of proud moments and disappointing moments, but overall, I'm so proud of my team. 
3) I've actually been okay with juggling Fly to Fiction, Lit Up Review, Feminists Talk Books, and my Instagram account! For now.
4) College visits, accepted students days, the whole shebang. 
6) Eagerly awaiting spring break...

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  1. I'm doing instagram too! HIGH FIVE.

    And it's snowing here too. I feel the pain.


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