Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TV Tuesday (#8): Spotlight: NCIS:LA

Once a month on a Tuesday, I'll showcase a TV in some way, whether it be an episode review (or bundle), a discussion, some thoughts and reactions, Top Tens, a fan!mix, or a recommendation.

TV Show Showcase: I'll be spotlighting some of the many shows I watch. I watch so many shows, but I still haven't talked about most of them on here. I could be writing reviews, but I've been so busy that it's already been a hassle to try to keep up with one or two shows, let alone write some reviews. So this is my way of mentioning and talking about the shows I love.
(Previously spotlighted: Red Band SocietyOrphan Black, How to Get Away with Murder)

When did you first start watching the show? Why did you start watching it?
I started off as a huge fan of NCIS. It used to be my absolute favorite show. When NCIS:LA first came out, I was interested but not enough to really want to watch it. Then, I kept hearing about the show, and I kept seeing edits and Tumblr posts and tweets about Densi (Deeks/Kensi), and I sort of did want to watch it. I had already seen the crossover episode with NCIS that kicked off the show, so I went back and started the show! Now, I honestly love it more than NCIS.

Who's your favorite character?
Oh gosh. I love all of the characters for different reasons, but I think I'd have to go with either Nell or Kensi. I love how this show has such amazing females. The show does a great job of portraying strong but also vulnerable women, and there's such a sense of empowerment. I love how both Nell and Kensi are feisty and smart and not afraid to say what they want. They're also kind and caring and totally kickass. They're such well-rounded characters, and they truly stand on their own.
(I also really loved Nate, but he's no longer on the show, so.)

Who's your least favorite character?
I don't know if I have one, at least from the main cast. I suppose if I had to choose, it'd be Granger. If it had been last season or so, I would have easily said Granger, but we're starting to see him in a different light now. His interactions with the team are different now, and he's become much more human in the eyes of viewers. We see a softer side to him despite his really hard, serious exterior, and now that he's basically another part of the team, I've begun to like him a bit more.

Favorite guest star or addition to the cast?
Either Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) or Nell (Renee Felice Smith)! They were both added after the start of the show, and they're obviously a huge part of the team now. I can't choose between them, but I'm so happy they're on for good now.

Favorite episode?
??? To be honest, I don't remember them very well, but I kind of just enjoy most episodes...I don't know if there's one episode over all the others. I'd have to have a massive marathon if I were to decide that.

What's your favorite aspect of the show?
I absolutely love the team dynamics and the banter, and I think that's what really makes the show. It's hilarious and heartwarming even in the most tense moments of the show. It sets it apart from many of the other crime shows. While many of those also have lots of banter, there's something quite different about the way this team interacts. There's this special spark.

Also, I love how they take the buildup of relationships slowly on the show but without being too slow. I think one of the problems with NCIS was that it began to drag out the inevitability of Tony/Ziva, and in the end, because Cote left the show, they couldn't finally explore the two finally getting into a romantic relationship.

What's your least favorite aspect of the show?
Sometimes there's a bit too much banter, especially from Deeks. Sometimes I wish they'd tone it down a bit during the really serious moments. I know it's in his personality, but sometimes he'll cause Kensi to shut down, and it's hard not to see why they had such issues going into their relationship and making their work relationship work. She's right; there's this gap in communication. I love it when we see Deeks as vulnerable and a bit soft, letting down his guard, which are his jokes and his banter and that whole exterior.

OTP and/or ships?
Kensi/Deeks and Nell/Eric!!! They're the best. And then there's the ten thousand different brotps with like everyone on the show.

What do you think/predict about the future of the show?
I'm not sure! I'm not sure how it's doing in terms of viewership, especially now that the day has switched to Monday and now that it doesn't follow NCIS, but I'm really hoping it'll stick around and not suffer from being too long like NCIS. I hope to see more of what I've come to love on the show, and I can't wait to see relationships (romantic, friendships, work) develop even more, as that's such a forte on the show.

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