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TV Tuesday (#5): Spotlight: Red Band Society

Once a month on a Tuesday, I'll showcase a TV in some way, whether it be an episode review (or bundle), a discussion, some thoughts and reactions, Top Tens, a fan!mix, or a recommendation.

So it's been a while...but the other day, I had a sudden burst of inspiration. I was thinking about Red Band Society and about my favorite and least favorite character(s) when I suddenly got this idea. For the next few weeks, I'll be spotlighting some of the many shows I watch. It'll (mostly) be the same set of questions, and I'll try to stay on top of this. I watch so many shows, but I still haven't talked about most of them on here. I could be writing reviews, but I've been so busy that it's already been a hassle to try to keep up with one or two shows (currently those two are Red Band Society and NCIS:LA).

Since Red Band Society inspired this post (and I'm really sad it's been abandoned by Fox), my first spotlight will be for the show!

When did you first start watching the show? Why did you start watching it?
I started watching it maybe the second or third week into the show because I had been hearing so much about it. Much of it was mixed, but I grew increasingly interested in the show. I've been watching it ever since! It's far from perfect, but there's something about it that leaves me wanting to watch it week after week.

Who's your favorite character?
I can't pick just one! I'd say Nurse Jackson, Leo, and Emma. I love how snarky Nurse Jackson is, but at the same time, we know just how much she cares. I've loved Leo since the very first episode; I can't pinpoint why, but I just do (there have been times when I've wanted to smack some sense into him, but he's still one of my favorites). I love Emma because I love her story-arc the most, and I can see pieces of her within myself.

Who's your least favorite character?
Definitely Jordi. Jordi has grated at my insides since he was first on the show. I'm not quite sure why, but I just don't like his attitude and the way he acts. He just seems so arrogant? Yeah, I feel bad about him and his background, but I can't stand the dude.

Favorite guest star or addition to the cast?
Hunter (Daren Kagasoff) for sure! I think Doctor Erin Grace (Mandy Moore) is a close second. Sure, the whole plot line with Hunter and Kara was pretty predictable, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I also love how complex his character is. I'm enjoying Doctor Erin Grace on the show, but the plot line with her and Doctor McAndrew is much more mehh for me (great for McAndrew's character development but perhaps not so much for Erin).

Favorite episode?
Either Know Thyself or How Did We Get Here? I think....I don't really know! There are positives and negatives for each episode...

What's your favorite aspect of the show?
Honestly, it's Emma's anorexia. I think this is most well-developed story line, and it's one of the strongest ones on the show. It addresses both sides of it, the patient (Emma) and those around her, watching her suffer but not knowing what to do. I love that we got to see how it affected/affects her family, but I think it's also so important to see how it has affected her. All the destructiveness and the feeling of being lost and out of control. It's just so powerful, and I would continue watching just for her story.

What's your least favorite aspect of the show?
There are many things about each individual episode that bother me, but I guess if I had to pinpoint one, it'd be the overwhelming number of romances and romantic conflicts on the show. Not everyone needs to be involved! I think it works and makes sense for certain characters, but does everyone need to have some kind of romantic tension??? I think Hunter and Kara's relationship is important, as is Emma and Leo's and to a lesser extent Doctor McAndrew and Doctor Erin's relationship. But the others (and that horrible love triangle, which (slight spoiler) might now have shifted to a different one) are just too much. I was expecting more friendship, less romance, but alas...*pulls out hair*

OTP and/or ships?
Emma and Leo, and Hunter and Kara! But I do think, on Emma and Leo's front, that Emma really does need to first come to love herself. She's so blinded by her hate for herself and by her disorder, and it makes Leo so...awkward, but I really do love their relationship so much. I think it's a great way to get a deeper look into Emma and to her disorder, and I think it complements both of their struggles. 

What do you think/predict about the future of the show?
It's definitely not going to be continued, sadly. I think there are just not enough viewers. It's really sad for me, and I'll really miss the show. I guess in the long run, it was really the way they looked at certain aspects of the characters that will stick with me, while most of it will fade for me. It's not the best show, but it's not the worst. I'll be sad to see it go, but as long as it's not left too open-ended, I think I'll eventually be okay with it. Can another show explore eating disorders the way this show does though?

You can catch Red Band Society Wednesdays @ 9 PM EST on Fox!
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(If there are any questions you'd like me to answer, I'll add them in future spotlights. :) I may add some more as they come to me as well.)

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