Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Month in Review: May 2015

It sure has been a long month. It's been full of ups and downs, happy moments and disappointments. And I'm writing this on the 28th, knowing that my last dance show with my dance school is this Sunday, and I know I'm going to cry. Between APs, dance, finals, etc, it's been hard to get anything done, so I'm sorry for taking another short break. But anyway, I'm hoping to read more and blog more in June, but I do still have a Physics NYS Regents, and I need to study for my college math placement test because I don't remember anything from Algebra 2/Trig. But let's get to the summary of this month.

Books I Read:

Book Mail:

Exquisite Corpse by Penelope Bagieu
Last Man: The Stranger by Bastien Vives, Michael Sanlaville, and Balak
Alex as Well by Alyssa Brugman

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A Month in Review: April 2015

1) APs are finally over! I don't think I did very well, but ehh, it's out of my hands now.
2) Dance is almost over, and I'm so sad! This is my last year with my dance studio. I've been dancing there since I was around 5 or 6, so I've been there almost my whole life. It was there that I came to love dance, and it's now such a big part of my life and who I am.
3) Desperately waiting for school to finally be over. :P
4) My school's Model UN conference was on the 30th. Right now, that hasn't passed yet, so I'm hoping I'll win an award. hehe
5) I got to go to Teen Author Carnival, although I couldn't go to BEA (I'M STILL SO SAD ABOUT THIS D: ). I had a great time, though I didn't really know anyone. I did get to meet two fellow bloggers and got a few books signed. Can I just say how nice it is to be recognized from Twitter? Like I didn't think it would feel so great to get that kind of recognition. I sadly still don't have an ARC of Truthwitch (*tear*), but it was so nice to see Sooz again at least.
6) I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS, BUT I WAS INVITED TO SEE DOCTOR ZHIVAGO ON BROADWAY BEFORE IT CLOSED. I have yet to type up my review (though I guess there's not much good that it will do other than promote the cast recording), but be on the lookout for that! It was so amazing to get the opportunity.

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