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Music Monday (#6): Taylor Swift Favorite Album Analysis

Every other Monday, I'll share a song/artist/album that I'm either currently listening to or currently obsessed with, though they often go hand-in-hand. Some may have special themes or surprises. This means that I might share a playlist, fan!mix, Top Ten list, etc.

Today's post is a topical one, and it's based on a brief conversation I had with Jessica @ Just Another Teen Reading on Twitter. Basically, she asked which Taylor Swift album was our personal favorite. I responded that I love them all for different reasons and that I couldn't just pick one because they're all great in different aspects. So I figured that I'd go into that in a more thought out post! Thus, this post will be me discussing what I like about each of T. Swift's albums. I won't go into what I DON'T like about them, but feel free to discuss it with me in the comments below! (Note: I used the album covers for the versions I have minus Taylor Swift because I don't own a copy of it.)

I really love the innocence and simplicity of Taylor's self-titled album. The songs feel so genuine, and it's nice to not think about who each song could be about. Additionally, I love her sound here. It's country with just a hint of pop, but it's still mostly country. Most of the songs on this album are among my favorites by her because of the sound and especially the lyrics.

Still writing heart-felt songs with meaningful lyrics, this album showed Taylor delving more into pop, and I think that's fine. I like the mix of sounds on this album, and it shows great variety in her singing. There's still this air of innocence in her songs, and there's just something that draws me to the songs, both lyrically and melodically. Again, many favorites came from this album, although I guess it's only natural that I do have favorites from each.

I feel like this is when her sound really started to change. She moved away from her country sound and became more pop and more appealing to a broader audience. There's so much subject and melodic variety in this album, and I love it. I loved how she didn't just have songs about love and heartbreak, and I liked the playfulness of some of the songs on this album. I think she really grew musically, even though I love her country sound a bit more. Her lyrics for the songs on this album are what I love the most, I think. Most of my favorites are from this album.

This one is a bit tricky for me for a couple of reasons. In the end, though, I love how mature her music sounds. She's really grown as an artist, and it's clear that she's stepping away from the sound of her previous albums. There's a lot less country (to the point that I wouldn't consider her a country artist anymore, generally), but some of the songs are softer pop, which I prefer. I love so many of the songs on here that haven't been released as singles, though that applies to all her albums. There's a difference between the singles released to appeal to a bigger audience and the songs on here with a really deep meaning. Once I listened to the album a couple of times, I really started to love it.

At the end of the day, I think I'd go with Speak Now as my favorite if I REALLY had to choose one, but there's a lot that I like about each of them. I don't know that I articulated that well in this post, but.

Which Taylor Swift album is your favorite? Why? (Or are you like me?)


  1. Okay, 1st of all, love this post! And 2nd of all, I agree with a lot of what you wrote! It's interesting to think about what your favorite Taylor Swift album is, because a lot of people have a lot of different answers to it! :) I have thought before that Red was my favorite, followed right behind by Speak Now, but I began to write a post the other day (That is going up on the blog eventually, when I finish putting graphics and things on it!) about what my favorite songs of hers are. I realized that by going by that, Red is my favorite, but it's tied by songs from Fearless which was a bit surprising to me! Then Speak Now, then Taylor Swift, but then again, I love almost all of her songs to a point that it is hard to pick just one favorite! Did that make sense at all? Anyway, just wanted to write that I love this post! And thank you for letting me ramble on a lot just now! ;)

    1. Aww, thanks! :D

      For sure. I think a lot of it depends on what you focus on and what you like most about music, so of course, you and I would probably focus on different aspects of her songs/albums. Ooo, yay about the post! Let me know about it! :) I actually love a lot of the songs on the Platinum version of Fearless. The reason I can't say Red, though I love a lot of the songs, is that a) I miss her country sound and b) it took me a few listens to really warm up to the album (minus a few songs I loved since the beginning). But I completely agree! It's so hard to choose because each is so different and has its own greatness that I can't just pick one! I'm with you on that.

      Awww, thank YOU! <3


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