Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fiction Friction (#12): When Bands/Groups Break Up (aka When Fans Cry Forever...and Ever)

These posts are meant to bring about some conversation, discussion, and perhaps even a debate. These discussion posts can occur at varying days of the week, mostly depending upon what's scheduled on the blog and what I feel like discussing.

The title says it all, really. We all know good things must eventually come to an end. There's always some band/group that's going on a break or just breaking up for good. And if you're a fan of that band/group, it just breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Because unlike a TV show ending or a book series ending, there's usually no clear sign of the end. Bands and groups can continue to release music even if there aren't as many fans or listeners anymore (unlike TV shows that are largely based on the number of viewers). You don't know how many albums will be released before they break up, unlike with most books where there are a set number of books that will be released in a series. 

Sometimes there are little signs and hints, but sometimes there aren't. I have two different examples:

1) The Civil Wars

The duo, Joy and John Paul, seemed to be on the way to stardom. They rose to fame recently, and I fell in love with their music after listening to one or two of their songs. Their lyrics are so meaningful, and I just love the sound of their music. Their talent just blows me away, and I love how raw and real their live performances are. You could see the chemistry between them (to the point where some people thought they were dating or married). And then, all of a sudden, they announced that they weren't finishing their tour because they couldn't tour together anymore due to "unreconcilable (irreconcilable?) differences." And fans were shocked, or at least I was. It seemed like it was out of nowhere. And it definitely broke my heart because they could have gone so far together and because this happened before their second, and I suppose final, album was released. TEARS.

2) The Wanted

For fans that watched The Wanted Life, it seemed as if a rift was starting to form in the band. But everyone, including the band members themselves, credited it to the fact that it was all because of the editing of the reality TV show. I mean, come on, we all know how unrealistic reality TV generally is. Besides, they still seemed to be great together when on Twitter, in their videos, etc. Yes, they're just on a break to focus on their own lives, which makes sense. Yet fans fear that the end may be near for the band despite this just being a hiatus. I'm a relatively new fan, and I wish I had been a better fan or had tried to get into the Fanmily more. I'll be really sad if they officially break up, and I really hope it won't happen because they're an amazing band that is even more amazing to their fans. 

But once in a while, bands/groups on hiatus come back and the whole fanbase cheers. My #1 example? The Hush Sound, one of my favorite bands. After a few years on hiatus to work on their individual projects, the band finally came back together, released a few new songs, and they're releasing a new album sometime this year, I believe. You don't know how happy I was because I fell in love with them after their hiatus began. So I rejoiced. Hiatuses don't mean the end of a band/group, and that really assures me and makes me feel better.

So what do I do when one of my favorite bands/groups, or even a group I listen to sometimes, breaks up or goes on hiatus? I make sure I follow their social media so I can get the first bit of information about them potentially getting back together (mostly in hiatus situations). I follow their individual accounts if it's available because many of them continue on with a solo career. I continue to listen to old songs/albums. I feel sad from time to time. I talk to other fans. And I try to find other groups/bands that I can fangirl about next.

Have any of your favorite bands/groups broken up or gone on hiatus? What's the best way to deal with THE FEELS?

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